Friday, October 14, 2016

Every ’70s Movie Is Six Years Old!

As noted in my last message to readers, on the occasion of notching over 2.5 million page views in September, we’re not quite in the home stretch of Every ’70s Movie, but we’re getting there. Today marks six years of continuous publication, with a new review every day—I feel like my office should have a sign that reads “2,150 days without an accident”—so over 2,000 theatrical movies have been reviewed, plus a selection of TV movies from the ’70s and theatrical releases from 1980, the unofficial end of the decade’s cinematic output. This has been a wild journey so far, and I look forward to making additional interesting discoveries as I push toward seeing as many films as possible from my (hopefully) comprehensive list of movies released between Jan. 1, 1970, and Dec. 31, 1979. I have no illusions of finding absolutely everything, as some titles are genuinely lost, but if a flick is commercially available, streaming online, or obtainable through a reasonably accessible archive, it’s on my agenda. Which is where you, my dear readers, can help. The donations link on the home page is your means of supporting this grand (okay, mad) enterprise, because while creating Every ’70s Movie has always incurred minor expenses, costs are increasing as titles become more obscure. Every little bit helps make this project happen. Thanks, as always, to readers who have shown their support in the past, since even a $10 donation directly translates to new content. If you enjoy reading this blog on a regular basis, please consider lending a hand. I can’t make like PBS and offer a tote bag in return, but I can offer you my gratitude and my friendly advice to keep on keepin’ on!

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John Cox said...

I love this blog. Thank you and congrats on 5 years.