Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy (1976)

This dimwitted sex comedy isn’t nearly as sleazy as its title suggests, even with two voluptuous veterans of Russ Meyer flicks, Shari Eubank and Uschi Digard, in the cast. Nonetheless, Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy is so boring and dumb and forgettable that its lack of exploitation-flick excess barely qualifies as a redeeming value. Buxom girl-next-door type Eubank plays Chesty, a WAVE (Woman Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) who recruits fellow WAVES to help investigate when her sister, who is also in the service, goes missing. What follows is an alternately comedic and gruesome adventure, comedic because of lighthearted banter, gruesome because of violence including the dispatching of persons in a gigantic garbage shredder. During the course of the adventure, many women’s breasts are displayed. (After all, titling a movie Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy forms a sort of contractual agreement between the filmmakers and prospective viewers.) In addition to myriad topless scenes, the picture features a catfight during which combatants wear lingerie, so one way or another, boobs are thrust at the camera in nearly every reel. Buried amid the mammary-fetish nonsense are a couple of half-decent comic performances, by Marcie Barkin and Scatman Crothers, as well as a completely deranged turn by ghoulish-looking character actor Timothy Carey. Playing a twisted mobster, he rants and raves in an unhinged manner whenever he’s onscreen, clucking like a chicken here and doing what’s perhaps best described as scatting there. Some might find this competently made but unrelentingly stupid movie worth the price of admission just to witness his weirdness. Others, wisely, will seek amusement elsewhere.

Chesty Anderson U.S. Navy: LAME

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Guy Callaway said...

Carey is also unhinged/very funny as pool hustler 'South Dakota Slim' in a couple of the '60's A.I.P. Beach Party flicks.