Monday, May 29, 2017

Black Lolita (1975)

Excepting the novelty of sketchy 3D photography, Black Lolita—sometimes known as Wildcat Women—is vile junk bordering on porn. An uninteresting woman billed as “Yolanda Love” stars as Lolita, a lounge singer who launches a war on crime after thugs involved with a protection racket murder her uncle, a kindly shopkeeper. Calling upon her martial-arts skills and sexual wiles, Lolita builds a squad of shapely ladies, including a yoga enthusiast and a prostitute, while also forging alliances with police officers. What ensues is a dull cavalcade of fight scenes and sex scenes, with the smutty elements getting most of the attention. At regular intervals, cowriter-director Stephen Gibson stops the movie dead to linger on some carnal encounter that unfolds in real time, very nearly in full view of the camera. (Although nothing crosses the line into hardcore, some bits suggest that actors, ahem, committed to their roles during filming.) The acting is atrocious, the characterizations are threadbare, the dialogue is dumb, the filming style is ugly, and the story presents clichés lifelessly. The picture also relishes in the exploitation and/or abuse of women, as during a long torture scene featuring a villain extinguishing his cigarette on a young lady’s skin. Thankfully, Gibson doesn’t overuse stereoscopic photography during sex scenes. Instead, 3D effects are mostly employed in the corny old way of characters poking random objects toward the camera, such as a two-by-four that a thug brandishes while attacking Lolita.

Black Lolita: SQUARE

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Cindylover1969 said...

Black Lolita doesn't make any sense as a title, unless it was about a man falling in love with a girl way too young him, and... well, you know. Otherwise, eurgh.