Monday, August 21, 2017

The Blazer Girls (1975)

After an initial theatrical run under its original title, The Blazer Girls, this cringe-worthy sex comedy hit screens again with an even more salacious moniker, Naughty Schoolgirls. By any name, the flick is quite dull, despite a few weak jokes derived from the story’s private-school setting. The plot concerns a group of nubile students who want to purchase a new bell for their beloved school. While that might seem innocuous, wait for the kicker—to raise money, the young ladies sell sexual favors. Oh, well. Things get off to an almost-promising start when an alluring literature teacher gets her students’ motors running with racy poetry, which acknowledges that the young ladies have brains. Later, girls complain about their limited financial opportunities, to the maudlin accompaniment of electric-piano noodling on the soundtrack. More elements like these would have given The Blazer Girls a welcome measure of humanity. Instead, sleaze rules. A running gag about a freaky security guard culminates with the fellow getting caught ripping the panties off a student. Another running gag, about a desperately horny male teacher, lampoons the dude’s failure to perform after agreeing to pay for sex. Despite its focus on carnality, The Blazer Girls is tame by the standards of other mid-’70s sexploitation romps. (For instance, there’s only one extended scene of people grinding away, and it’s played for romance instead of pure titillation.) Watching The Blazer Girls, it seems as if director Jean-Paul Scardino and his collaborators might have started the process with aspirations to making something respectable. Whether they lowered their sights because creating a real movie proved challenging, or because the money people wanted something closer to softcore, doesn’t really matter. The end result is a movie not worth anyone’s time.

The Blazer Girls: LAME

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