Wednesday, April 19, 2017

MIA: Rare '70s Movies

Greetings, people of Every ’70s Movie! Last month, I wrote a post asking for help finding obscure ’70s flicks for review purposes, and I’m happy to report that intrepid readers helped me track town Boardwalk (1979), The Double McGuffin (1979), Marriage of a Young Stockbroker (1971), Pigeons (1970), Rivals (1972), Stand Up and Be Counted (1972), and Sudden Death (1977). Thank you! (Here’s a very special shout-out to reader Eric R. in Chicago, for service above and beyond the call of duty.) Now it’s time for another list of ’70s movies that have proved elusive. If anyone has access to copies of these films, please share. Information about commercially released DVDs is helpful, since I’m thus far stumped on these titles, and streaming links on legit sites are even better. If by some chance you physically own tapes or videos and can loan or render copies, please e-mail me directly. (It’s my preference to avoid download sites, and I’m aware that some of these titles are available on such sites, so no need to hip me to, say, Thanks in advance, and keep on keepin’ on!

Coast to Coast (1980, US, with Robert Blake)
Country Music (1972, US, with Marty Robbins)
Cry for Me, Billy a/k/a Face to the Wind (1972, US, with Harry Dean Stanton)
The Devil Is a Woman (1973, Italy/UK, with Glenda Jackson)
The Farmer (1977, US, with Angel Tompkins)
Glass Houses (1972, US, with Jennifer O’Neill)
The Jerusalem File (1972, Israel/US, with Bruce Davison)
Joe Hill (1971, Sweden/US, d. Bo Widerberg)
Limbo (1972, US, with Kate Jackson)
The Little Ark (1972, US, with Theodore Bikel)
Mackintosh and T.J. (1975, US, with Roy Rogers)
The Nelson Affair a/k/a Bequest to the Nation (1973, UK, with Glenda Jackson)
Newman’s Law (1974, US, with George Peppard)
Nunzio (1978, US, with David Proval)
Sammy Stops the World (1978, US, with Sammy Davis Jr.)
Shhh (1975, US, with Rita Moreno)
Sidecar Racers (1975, Australia/US, with Peter Graves)
Skullduggery (1970, US, with Burt Reynolds)
Slow Dancing in the Big City (1978, US, with Paul Sorvino)
Story of a Woman (1970, Italy/US, with Robert Stack)
Trader Horn (1973. US, with Rod Taylor)
Two People (1973, US, with Peter Fonda)
The Way We Live Now (1970, US, d. Barry Brown)
Welcome to the Club (1971, US, with Jack Warden)
You and Me (1975, US, with David Carradine)


Unknown said...

Forget THE FARMER. Impossible. The Olsen Twins(Code Red and Scorpion DVD) own it and refuse to put it out.

Unknown said...

I've talked to Walt Olsen who said he'd only release The Farmer if he can be guaranteed thousands of sales. Then he released some horror/ comedy The Dribbler w/ Fred Travalina....
If he had a hot film like The Farmer, he'd have put it out...

Terry McCarty said...

Another 70s rarity directed by and starring George Peppard titled FIVE DAYS FROM HOME. Here's the IMDb page:

bistis6 said...

Terry, FIVE DAYS FROM HOME is available on YouTube.

By Peter Hanson said...

All over "Five Days from Home." Watched and reviewed, just haven't posted yet. But good looking out. Very much a below-the-radar release.

Allen Rubinstein said...

I have a digital copy of Joe Hill, but I have been unable to find English subtitles for it! Not terribly useful.

Terry McCarty said...

VHS copies of NEWMAN'S LAW available on eBay:

Unknown said...

here's 1 (I think maybe) you might not have come across Night Flowers 1979 w Gabriel Walsh

Steven Thompson said...

A number of these (NOT the Farmer) are available via the members only Cinemageddon site but I'm afraid you'll need someone with a much better download ratio than mine currently is to get them for you. They have MACKINTOSH & TJ, YOU AND ME, COAST TO COAST, JERUSALEM FILE, SKULLDUGGERY, TRADER HORN and others.

shecky said...

A few years back, Cycles South (1971) was on some legit streaming sites, and then fell off the radar. Can't seem to find a legit copy anywhere of that rather happy-go-lucky time capsule.

Jesse Hoheisel said...

Coast to Coast is on Rarelust.

The Jerusalem File is on

Mackintosh and TJ is available here

The Nelson Affair is also on Rarelust

Newman's Law is at

Sammy Stops the World is available through

Two People can be found at

And Trader Horn is on TCM on demand until Oct. 26. Better hurry!