Monday, October 26, 2020

Instagram Feed & 5 Million Views!

Hey there, groovy people! Checking in with a couple of fun updates. First, this blog has achieved yet another milestone that I could never have imagined when I started writing this thing a decade (!) ago: Every ’70s Movie has now received over 5 million page views. Thank you! Iespecially grateful to those of you have discovered (or rediscovered) the blog since regular daily posting ended. As always, enjoy the archived reviews, watch out for occasional new reviews as I gain access to previously unseen movies, and spread the word to like-minded cinemaniacs. Speaking of spreading the word, I'm also happy to report that Every ’70s Movie recently found its way to Instagram. The Instagram feed, which is updated every day, features links to nearly every review on this blog, in alphabetical order, accompanied by posters or stills. Please follow @every70smovie and share the feed with anyone who might enjoy the material. Anyway, thats it for now. Thanks for your continued readership, and keep on keepin on!


Bob Johns said...


ApacheDug said...

Just discovered your blog this morning--man I love it, just what I've been looking for! I'm looking forward to a LOT of exploring :)

Guy Callaway said...

Fantastic, and well deserved!