Sunday, April 5, 2015

1.5 Million Page Views!

Once again, it’s time to thank the readers of Every ’70s Movie for their continued support—as of yesterday, the blog has received over 1.5 million page views. In fact, hitting the 2-million mark before the blog runs its course seems almost certain to happen at the current rate, which is an incredible validation for this endeavor. Thank you! For those of you who visit the blog once in a while, and especially for those of of you who read regularly, please consider making a donation to help support the project. Based on a master list of all titles that meet the blog’s criteria, the three-quarter mark is visible on the horizon, which means that tangible costs will soon be incurred in the process of tracking down the most obscure ’70s movies. No donation amount is too big or too small to make a difference. The more everyone helps, the greater the possibility this blog’s title will become a complete reality. Meantime, keep chiming in via the comments section, and hopefully you will continue to learn about interesting new (or should that be old?) movies every day. Thanks again!


adam said...

Congrats, you run a great blog!

Tommy Ross said...

Congrats Peter! Don't forget you promised to start one called Every SIXTIES Movie as well, heheh. Nice work!