Friday, September 30, 2016

2.5 Million Page Views!

It’s always a pleasure to break from the routine of everyday posts with a special update about good news, so I’m happy to report that Every ’70s Movie has reached yet another readership milestone that far exceeds any expectations I might have had when I began this project in October 2010. As of this week, the blog has accrued over 2.5 million views. Thank you! Given the occasion, and the fact that the end of this massive project is in sight, please forgive one of my periodic requests for assistance. As always, donations are more than welcome, because we’re well into the phase of this project that involves expenses for tracking down obscure films. (If you’re able to contribute, please use the PayPal button on the homepage.) While I harbor no illusions of finding every single picture that meets my criteria, as some times are legitimately lost, my plan is to get as close to saturation coverage as possible. To that end, I’m happy to report a behind-the-scenes milestone as well, since I recently crossed the 2,000 mark in my tally of feature films reviewed for the blog. (In actuality, hundreds more have been reviewed, counting TV movies, 1980 releases, and some titles that were written up before I refined the criteria—you’ve got to crack a few eggs, etc.) My best guess is that Every ’70s Movie will end sometime in early 2018, though the final post could arrive sooner if I hit a wall in terms of finding obscure releases. That’s where your assistance, dear readers, is so important. The more resources I have, the closer I can get to making the title of this blog a declaration of fact rather than a metaphor. Meantime, thanks as always for your loyal readership, don’t be shy about comments and suggestions, and keep on keepin’ on! 


adam said...

Congrats! Fun blog!

Allen Rubinstein said...

Wow, conratulations, Peter. I count for probably in the neighborhood of three hundred of those views just in the last couple months. You've got more stamina than I do to trawl through some of the schlocky movies on here, and the resource is exactly what I needed. I kind wonder why you don't put some ads on here, with that kind of audience. May as well get your investment returned.

For resources, you're not looking for titles or suggestions are you? Since I'm writing a book on the era, and don't have a whole lot of reach in terms of capital (or transportation), I'm using extra-legal means to get films. My whole purpose is to bring more attention to these small, great films, so I think it's justifiable. Plenty on my list I'd love to see your take on. And so many great ones you've turned me on to. Thanks for all your work.

Would love to interview you at some point about the blog, once I'm further along in my project.