Friday, March 10, 2017

MIA: Rare '70s Movies

          With nearly seven years of cinematic exploration now in the rearview mirror, the adventure known as Every ’70s Movie is slowly but steadily nearing the finish line, simply because my list of titles yet to be reviewed is dwindling down to mostly comprise films that have fallen out of general distribution. Many of the remaining pictures have never been officially issued on any form of home video, most are rarely shown on television, and none, as yet, appears on legitimate streaming outlets. And that’s where you, dear readers, enter the conversation.
          Periodically through the next few months, I’ll share lists of titles that have proven elusive, but should definitely be reviewed if possible because of noteworthy elements—a familiar star or director, a major studio, what have you. So here’s my request. If you have or know of any pathways toward seeing these hard-to-find movies, please contact me either publicly through the comments function of this post or privately through the e-mail information in my profile. I will continue to search for these pictures, of course, but tracking some of them down has proven challenging. Therefore, any help is appreciated. With any luck, someone out there will recognize a title or two and be able to share a private DVD, a web link, a copy recorded off TV back in the day, or (shudder) a VHS copy the release details of which have escaped my notice. Thanks in advance for anything you can do! And with that, here’s my first list of missing movies . . .

Black Chariot (1971, US, with Bernie Casey)
Black Cream a/k/a Together for Days (1972, US, directed by Michael Schultz)
Boardwalk (1979, US, with Ruth Gordon)
Chandar, the Black Leopard of Ceylon (1972, US, Disney)
Coast to Coast (1980, US, with Robert Blake)
Country Music (1972, US, with Marty Robbins)
Countdown at Kusini a/k/a Cool Red (1976, US/Nigeria, with Ossie Davis)
The Divine Mr. J a/k/a The Thorn (1971, US, with Bette Midler)
The Double McGuffin (1979, US, directed by Joe Camp)
Hangup (1974, US, directed by Henry Hathaway)
The London Connection a/k/a The Omega Connection (1979, US, Disney)
Irish Whiskey Rebellion (1972, US, with William Devane)
Limbo (1972, US, with Kate Jackson)
Mackintosh and T.J. (1975, US, with Roy Rogers)
Mule Feathers (1977, US, cartoon featuring the voice of Don Knotts)
Sammy Stops the World (1978, US, with Sammy Davis Jr.)
The Sporting Club (1971, US, with Jack Warden)
Stand Up and Be Counted (1972, US, with Jacqueline Bisset)
Sudden Death (1977, US, with Robert Conrad)
Two People (1973, US, with Peter Fonda)


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

HANG UP aka SUPER DUDE will be an impossiblity as only one print survives.

Terry McCarty said...

Deadly Strangers (1974) with Hayley Mills and Simon Ward

Terry McCarty said...

Boardwalk is available for purchase on YouTube: trailer at

AskelPP said...

Hello, you can find Sudden Death here, the quality is rather good. ;)

Rog said...

Sudden Death (together with a bunch of other obscure titles): can be downloaded (torrent) here:

Rog said...

Two people (again a torrent):

Unknown said...

Coast to Coast here:

Unknown said...

Stand Up And Be Counted

Unknown said...

Sudde Death

Jocko said...

In the meantime, I would like to make a couple of requests that are both on youtube.

Outrage (1973) starring Robert Culp

Law and Order (1976) starring Darren McGavin

I haven't seen either made for television movie television movie, but both sound good! However, I think I'll let you be the guinea pig to see how they are. Big fan of this blog!!!!

Me said...

I am looking for "And No One Can Save Her" Starring Lee Remick from 1973. Has anyone have it? You can find "The Sporting Club" on eBay. I have it on VHS.

Me said...

Anonymous said...

The Double McGuffin is available here:

walkingfool said...

Yes, rarelust is an excellent source for numerous hard-to-find 70's flicks.