Sunday, May 14, 2017

3 Million Page Views!

Once again, thank you to the intrepid readership of Every ’70s Movie for pushing the blog past another significant milestone. As of this weekend, the blog has been viewed over 3 million times, and the monthly readership numbers continue to humble me. Now that the blog is into its final year of daily publishing, it’s a thrill to see that so many people remain passionate about a subject that I find endlessly fascinating. What happens once I complete watching and reviewing all the ’70s movies I can find is a discussion for another day, so for now I’ll simply encourage loyal readers to consider donating via the PayPal button on the home page. Tracking down the most obscure titles from the ’70s incurs expenses, and I want to get as close at I can to achieving the mission statement baked into this unique project’s title. Readers are also encouraged to scan posts from recent weeks asking for information about the availability of hard-to-find titles, as any and all help finding such films is greatly appreciated. Meantime, enjoy the daily reviews, months of which are still on deck, and as always, keep on keepin’ on!


Unknown said...

congrats It's a great site. Thanks for your work

Bob Johns said...

That's awesome!


Congratulations from Spain. Awesowe job.

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Greetings and Congratulations again

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