Sunday, October 29, 2017

Thank You!

Greetings to readers Roger B., Jeffrey R., Greg L., Matthew M., and Peter R., all of whom recently made much-appreciated donations to Every ’70s Movie. This money goes toward tracking down hard-to-find titles and helping to realize this blog’s goal of reviewing as many films from the ’70s as possible. (The donors’ last names have been withheld in order to protect them from spammers.) As I mentioned in a special post earlier this month, this blog recently entered its final stage after celebrating seven years of continuous publication. The current seven-reviews-a-week format, in place since October of 2010, will run its course by March of next year, perhaps sooner. Meantime, there are still titles to see—a few of which are only available for purchase—so every little bit of support to help fulfill this blog’s mission is welcome. Thanks again!

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