Thursday, May 7, 2020

Title List Updated

Greetings from the world of Every ’70s Movie with a brief housekeeping update. The lengthy title list that runs down the right side of this blog’s layout was recently updated, fixing a nettlesome issue that began a few years back when the listing functionality started behaving unpredictably. Hundreds of titles have been added to the list, so for those of you who enjoy checking the list to see what’s missing—or scanning the list for titles you’d like to investigate—the list should now include every movie that’s been reviewed on the blog. If you happen to encounter any broken links or discover a title thats been reviewed on the site but is somehow missing from the title list, please let me know and Ill try to address the issue ASAP. (Some general streamlining of the blog layout was also completed as part of the same updating process, though only the most obsessive of readers is likely to notice the changes.) Anyway, that’s it for the update, so now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming—as has been the case since regular daily posting ended, watch for occasional new posts as previously unavailable titles cross my path and as time becomes available for me to write about them. Meantime, keep on keepin’ on!


Guy Callaway said...

Thanks! Greatly appreciated.

bistis6 said...

Thank you!

redeyespy said...

Thought of another one...Birds Do It, Bees Do It, a rather interesting documentary from 1974. It played on HBO and Cinemax and I read that it had an American release.


Quasarmodo said...

The 3 70's movies I'm aware of that aren't in the list are:

Even Angels Eat Beans (1973) [it's available on the library site]
Watch Out, We're Mad (1974) [looks like it's an Italian release but I saws it in the theater in the states, so don't know if that counts]
Where Time Began (1977)

Also, 2 other movies I saw in the 70's that I couldn't find in the list but I don't know their titles:
1) the first had an early scene with a hillbilly dude racing a train, trying to beat it to the crossing, hooting and hollering all the way. He crashes into the train and I assume he died. Near the end of the movie, a dad goads his estranged son into boxing with him. (would've been around 1974-1975)
2) the 2nd was a dude living by himself in the mountains in the winter. (I saw it as a double header with Lost and Found, so likely 1979)